Provost & Judge

by Advocate

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released December 9, 2014

Provost & Judge was recorded at Studio Vandalia and Wade Recordings by Donovan Sonnier and Jay White

Produced,Engineered,Mixed, and Mastered by Donovan Sonnier
All music was written by every member of Advocate, all lyrics written by Taylor Chalk

Advocate is: Andrew Wilkins, Blaine Wood, Joshua McElroy, Skylar Johnson, Taylor Chalk

Art Directon & Design by Will Moss & Jason Catlett

Nathan Graeff appears on Provost Courtesy of Ethera
Michael Williams appears on The Vermin Illustration courtesy of The Agony Scene

Management: Hell On Earth Agency
Booking Agents: Hell On Earth Agency and The Control Agency
Endorsed by Iceolated Apparel


tags: metal Tulsa


all rights reserved


Advocate Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Track Name: Fateful Precipice
The rise
Of the world to which we dissolve
We reach this fateful precipice
We lose all touch within

The Compass.
Track Name: Provost ft. Nathan Graeff (Ethera)
Of the rise and fall
We are the world, forever controlled
Watch as the hate sinks down to the bone.
The anthropocene is fundementally improved
Forbid the coming of anew
As the animated globe turns
We see what we've wrought upon
This wretched sphere, to empower the grid and to forever fear

Desolate (4x)
Or live the fucking lie
Or live the livid lie

We've all perceived our own transgressions
Slip beneath the livid inception
Test the faith, accept the temptation
Hollow axis changes location

Frail bones, hang themselves from the corridors
Of slaved pughs, the citizens alter
Come one, Come all
Bring your sons and daughters.
Track Name: Gohusda
Create and form, a picture perfect copy
Strategize and realize that we were made, to be obtained
Generalized and fossilized
Paint the portrait of, this decrepit narcisstic world
Judgement from above, your prestige is bound to unfurl
Feast your eyes, to their disguise
The illusion of christ, is our
Collective demise

To the treatment and control of our own fears
Continue to think your holy martyr is here
Secure your thoughts and prayers
And transcend into the Devil's laire

Line them up, spine to spine
Now justify your life

Holographic realms are the setting to our eternity
Walk through hell and discover our complancency
Wrong hand tithes, to our demise

Attempt, to survive, this is the Devil's compromise
Strive, to keep everything, completely level
We are all, sorcerors, to the Devil
To the
This is the answer, to which we cannot explain
We are the only one's past the point of mundane
Watch as the hate courses through your veins
We are the fateful disease, they cannot contain.
They cannot contain.
Track Name: The Vermin Illustration ft. Michael Williams (The Agony Scene)
Enter the world, of prejudice and contradictions
Perceive beyond, this lilac illustration
Adhesive to the vast imitations
The cliche, vast majority
All viable citizens, the unknown

Inject the solution, infiltrate the damned and recollect
Beyond this imploding realm.

Vermin imprints, to conclude of what we've known
To coincide, with what we've rationalized.

We are all, evolving to dust
We are all, evolving to dust
This is all, evolving to dust
We are all evolving to dust

This is all, transient to human needs
And I can't wait to see, the congregations bow before me
We are all, such an appalling sight
And we welcome all plights, and all celestial lies
So to the immune, raise your hands in jubilee
We are the ending eulogy
Track Name: Judge
Uproot the truth within, expose the fiber optical surveillance
And let the experimentations begin
We were constructed alive, perceive beyond these skies
We finally reach this fateful precipice
Spherical prior perception, is declining rapidly
All the variables, all the sinners
Make yourselves at home, you're the beginners
Put yourself through societal blenders, now you're all
The coveted dementors
Two-winged figures, spinning in circles
Geometrical figures becoming commercial
Treat those, addictive personalities alone
Let them find their own resolve
Trapped behind the glass, we become the undeniable past

Uproot the truth within, expose the fiber optical surveillance
And let the experimentations begin
We were constructed alive, perceive beyond these skies
We finally reach this fateful precipice

Preparations for the drones
Ready to die alone
All dialations are condoned

Decomposing, analytically
To the bone

The laws of doom
Have already been wirtten
Judgement proposed a new apparition
Treat those, addicted personalities alone
Let them find their own resolve

Make your way
Make your way
The price you pay
To dig your grave
The price we pay
To know our own fate