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Create and form, a picture perfect copy
Strategize and realize that we were made, to be obtained
Generalized and fossilized
Paint the portrait of, this decrepit narcisstic world
Judgement from above, your prestige is bound to unfurl
Feast your eyes, to their disguise
The illusion of christ, is our
Collective demise

To the treatment and control of our own fears
Continue to think your holy martyr is here
Secure your thoughts and prayers
And transcend into the Devil's laire

Line them up, spine to spine
Now justify your life

Holographic realms are the setting to our eternity
Walk through hell and discover our complancency
Wrong hand tithes, to our demise

Attempt, to survive, this is the Devil's compromise
Strive, to keep everything, completely level
We are all, sorcerors, to the Devil
To the
This is the answer, to which we cannot explain
We are the only one's past the point of mundane
Watch as the hate courses through your veins
We are the fateful disease, they cannot contain.
They cannot contain.


from Provost & Judge, released December 9, 2014


tags: metal Tulsa


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Advocate Tulsa, Oklahoma

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